I don’t get banks. Why do they attach chains to their pens? If we’re trusting you with our money, you should trust us with your pens…

Bill Gates?

Taking into account that Batman & Iron Man’s powers come from being smart & rich, I’m kinda disappointed with Bill Gates…


Interesting Fact #13939484288382281929: You skipped over that number, just to read this.


That awkward moment when you see a third grader that has a better phone than you.


That awkward moment when you’re scuba diving, and see Adele rolling in the deep.

A Better… Amercia?

A Better… Amercia?

Y’know, that’s a very good question!

Y’know, that’s a very good question!


Did the first people on Earth just name everything with the first word that came into their head? And if so, how can you explain “duffel bag”?

Black-Eyed Peace

If died, would his tombstone read “Will.i.was”?

Get In The Kitchen, Sir!

If women belong in the kitchen, why are most chefs men?